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Double Tanto w Laser Engraved Flag & Carbon Fiber Infused Scales
Black Double Tanto w G10 Scales
Battleworn Double Tanto w Rock Pattern & G10 Scales
Battleworn Double Tanto w Carbon Fiber Infused Scales
Black Double Tanto w FD Logo & Carbon Fiber Infused Scales
Stainless Steel Trainer w G10 Scales
Tempest in Sheath w Monoblock Clip
Set w Trainer

created out of frustration

Crane TEC was conceptualized about 6 years ago out of frustration. As a former correctional officer, martial artist and self-defense instructor I was spending a lot of time training edged weapon defensive tactics. After settling on some basic principles that I felt I could effectively pass on to my students that wouldn’t change their normal hand to hand fighting training significantly, I found myself searching for the right tool to make all of this come together.

I bought a lot of high quality knives that didn't solve the problems I was looking to address. Being the type-A person I am, I said, “Screw this, I’m going to make the knife I want.” A few drawings went down on paper but I just sat on the ideas. Then in 2017 I decided that since I still couldn’t find the knife that I wanted, it was time to get off my ass and create one myself.

I started with a list of qualities our knife had to possess, both functionally and aesthetically. It had to fill the self-defense gaps other knives weren't. Some of the major hurdles most knives have is that they are designed to be wielded in one, or two positions with the edge side facing away from the user. This limits some of the inherent functionality of the tool. Most are not able to be efficiently brought into the fight with either hand and from either side of the body. And many are not comfortable for concealed carry. It is important to note that if you have to pull your knife on an attacker, make no mistake you are at lethal force. If the situation justifiably and ethically dictated this level of force, then you will want your chosen tool to be as efficient as possible and not limited by its design.

In the back shop at my buddy’s car audio shop I drew the 1st version of the Tempest, our flagship model. Fast forward to 2019, we brought on Ryan Chamberlain as partner. His background as a machinist has been a monumental addition to the quality production Crane TEC will soon be known for. With his help the Tempest came to fruition. It is a double edged, Tanto style self-defense blade with a Karambit style retention ring. Constructed of Nitro-V stainless steel. Heat treated and cryogenically treated to a certified hardness of 62rc. The hardness allows for a razor sharp edge meant to last. This is not a utility tool though. This is a self-defense tool. The blade is 2.75 inches long, with an overall length of 7.25 inches.

What we love about this design goes far beyond being able to comfortably conceal carry. More importantly, during a clinch fight scenario you can access and bring the Tempest into the fight with either hand. Over the years I’ve heard it quoted that “a weapon is only as good as it is accessible.” If you can't get to it when you need it and with control, then you might as well not even be carrying it.

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