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  • What is the PDX made of?
    Our PDX is made from G10 material. This allows us to create and sell an effective self-defense blade that is extremely light weight, yet durable and at a great price point.
  • What is G10?
    G10 material is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate. Created by the stacking of multiple glass cloth layers. This is done by soaking the glass in epoxy resin. Then by heat and pressure, it is compressed into the shape you are looking for. As with most fiberglass, this stacking provides amazing strength and durability. This is a very popular and strong material used in many industries in custom fabrication for good reason. It displays amazing properties and offers lifetime use without maintenance. Working with G10 material is working with some of the strongest materials on the market. The insulating properties, strength, fire and electrical insulation and moisture resistances lend itself to a variety of applications. The G10 material is similar to both Micarta and carbon fiber laminates, as they are all resin-based laminates. However, the G10 uses glass cloth as its base material. This makes it the strongest of the glass fiber resins.
  • Is G10 durable?
    YES! G10 is a very durable composite material that comes in a variety of sizes and bold vibrant colors and color combinations. It is made with glass fiber and epoxy which is compressed under extremely high pressure and heat cured to provide an extremely tough and durable material.
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